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Photo Collection For BC

1936 – 1942

Surrey, BC House


House built by Sadato with wooden scaffolding

BC Family Photo


Aiko and Sadato with baby Sadamu on Aiko’s lap.

Aiko & Sam

July 1941

Aiko with baby Sadamu (Sam) at Surrey, BC home

Lempriere, BC workcamp

March 1942

Japanese Canadian men at Lempriere, B.C. work camp.

Lempriere, BC Foreman


Foreman at Lempriere, B.C. work camp

Long Beach Shore

August 23, 2014

The beach and sand at Long Beach

Long Beach Landscape

August 24, 2014

Landscape of the sea and mountains at Long Beach

Long Beach Landscape 2

August 24, 2014

Landscape of the sea and mountains at Long Beach

Long Beach Shore Close-up

August 25, 2014

Close up of the beach sands with seaweed

Long Beach Shore Close-up 2

August 25, 2014

Shells and rocks in the sand at Long Beach

Calligraphy of Kyosyu

郷愁(Kyosyu) – longing for home

End of BC Photo Collection

Thank You for Viewing

郷愁 (Kyosyu) – longing for home 

After exploring some of the photos, stories and documents, please reflect on the following:

Think of a time you and/or your family left home, how was that for you/them?

Did you “adopt a home” or settle somewhere or was your time away brief?

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What Others Have Said

  1. Sadly I don’t feel I did feel at home, because my parents did not freely choose to live where they ended up and my mother despaired of where we lived. (Lived in pre-war B.C. – forced to move to Eastern Canada). I felt more at home at school, outside of our neighbourhood.

  2. I fear the possibility of wildfires like last year. Scary to see how quickly people had to pack up stuff and move to another place temporarily and worry if there would be anything left.