Ancestral Home


Photo Collection For Ancestral Home

1912 – 1939

Buddhist Temple

Buddhist temple – Nakamura ancestral records/remains

Nakamura Grandparents with Sadato


Nakamura Family L to R: Mother Haru holding baby daughter Chiharu, Sadato, Izo (grandfather), Senroku (father), Katsuto (brother)

20’s Sadato kimono


Sadato as young man in his 20s

Kikuchi family


L to R BACK Aiko, Takeo(brother), wife Koto with baby Kiyoshi; FRONT: Yasosuke (father), Komine (sister) baby Kinuko

Nurse Aiko


Aiko as a nurse-in-training

Sadato and Aiko’s Marriage

June 1936

Formal marriage photo of Sadato Nakamura & Aiko Kikuchi

Sadato With Camera


Sadato self portrait of him filming himself in mirror

Sadato Aiko Nikko


Sadato and Aiko prior to departure to Canada at Nikko

End of Ancestral Home Photo Collection

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郷愁 (Kyosyu) – longing for home 
Winner of MITY Emerging Artist Award, 2023 Dawson City International Short Film Festival

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After exploring some of the photos, stories and documents, please reflect on the following:

Is there a place you consider your “ancestral home”?
Where and why?

What are ways that you connect with your ancestral home?

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What Others Have Said

  1. Since I have a diverse background which includes immigration, I don’t think in terms of ancestral home. Ireland and Chernovitz which is now part of Ukraine but was in Romania. I think of home as Winnipeg.

  2. McKenzie Delta and Dogrib Gwichin lands in upper Porcupine River area. Food – caribou and fish, bannock and fresh baked bread, brothers, sister, cousins

  3. Japan and Scotland – I connect to them most (among other Ancestral lands) because of the food and traditions that were passed down to me from both cultures and the places that stick with me today. Sushi, mochi, sukiyaki, tamago kake gohan, mince and tatties, shortbread, haggis and neeps. Big family get togethers. Music. Foggy moist air. Natural beauty. Love of gardening.

    1. Thanks for your comment and checking out the website. What a wonderful, rich background to draw upon!